Tallit Studio: Day Five


  • June 29: Introduction, designing your tallit
  • June 30: Sharing your design, paint techniques
  • July 1: Transferring your design to the fabric
  • July 2: Painting!
  • July 3: Painting!
  • July 6: Painting! Focus activity (see below)
  • July 7: Painting!
  • July 8: : Painting! Artist Statements due!
  • July 9: Final touches, tzitzit tying, photos
  • July 10: Final touches, tzitzit tying

Festival: July 11

Tallit Focus activity for Monday:

  • Download the focus tool
  • Cut the square out from the document so you have a frame
  • Use the focus tool to examine your tallit in small 2×2 inch squares. Find some that you really love! It can be the texture, the color, the technique. When you find some squares you love, take photos so you can share with the rest of the group.