Today you’re going to work on techniques! You’ll need your paint, brushes, sponges, water, small containers, and scrap fabric. Put your tallit somewhere safe!

Be sure to have a workspace where you can spread out and get a little messy (remember, though, fabric paint will not necessarily get out of your clothes, so be careful).

Techniques can be found here.

We’re going to spend 15 minutes practicing techniques, and then we’ll come back to share with the group. Be prepared to talk about:

  • Something you liked
  • Something you think you’ll use in your design

After we explore techniques, you’ll have some time to actually transfer your design to your tallit. We’ll get back together before the end of the session to share progress.

June 29: Introduction, designing your tallit
June 30: Sharing your design, paint techniques

July 1: Techniques and transferring your design to the fabric
July 2: Painting!
July 3: Painting! Focus activity
July 6: Painting!
July 7: Painting!
July 8: : Painting! Artist Statements due!
July 9: Final touches, tzitzit tying, photos
July 10: Final touches, tzitzit tying